Intro to Management and Human Relations

Welcome To Intro to Management and Human Relations

This course is an overview of the discipline and field of human resource development and management and how it applies to the field of nursing. The course outlines the roles interpersonal relationships, leadership skills and problem solving regarding areas of employee counseling, discipline and termination. Equal Employment Opportunity will be discussed in order for the student to understand its need, importance and the legal issues surrounding it.

We are aware that many RNs are desirous of obtaining their BSN, however, the cost of such can be prohibitive for some. For these reasons, College of Health and Allied Development seeks to offer support to our students through scholarships, grants, and payment plans. Contact our admissions departments to take advantage of scholarships, grants, or payment plans available.

Minimum requirements for admission to the Registered Nurse to Bachelors of Science Degree Nursing (BSN) Program include: