English Composition II

ENG 202

Welcome To English Composition II

In this course students will be introduced to skills and techniques used for critical, persuasive and research writing. After successfully completing the course, students should demonstrate increased ability in writing; analyzing and composing non-fictional text and have the ability to write a persuasive research essays.

You will learn skills required to compose non-fictional texts, analyze non-fictional text, and skills to write persuasive research essays.

We are aware that many RNs are desirous of obtaining their BSN, however, the cost of such can be prohibitive for some. For these reasons, College of Health and Allied Development seeks to offer support to our students through scholarships, grants, and payment plans. Contact our admissions departments to take advantage of scholarships, grants, or payment plans available.

Minimum requirements for admission to the Registered Nurse to Bachelors of Science Degree Nursing (BSN) Program include: